November 22, 2023

We Love Our Affilates

We love our Affilates and they love us! 💕 We made it super Easy-Peazy: Each Affiliate is issued a Coupon Code. They share it so buyers get a discount, and in turn- the Affiliate gets a commission. That’s what we call a WIN-WIN❣️

But wait- there’s more to love! The Affilates code assigns the buyer to the Affiliate, so that they receive commissions on ALL orders made by that buyer.

It’s called Residual Commission. The residual commission structure is the most common in the insurance industry- which as ya’ll know, was my career of choice for many many many moons! With this model, you have commission payments set in direct relation to the premium/sale. When you are an insurance agent trying to sell a home insurance policy, for instance, you get a percentage of the premium at the time of the sale. You also will get a commission if your client renews the policy when it comes up after the original in-force period. The renewal percentage rate is typically lower than the new business commission percentage, but it is still money in your pocket.

But that’s not how we built our Residual Commission structure. We don’t lower your percentage rate. You get paid the same commission rate for ALL orders. All you have to do is give your Coupon Code out, and our automated system will do the rest.

Easy-Peazy❣️ What’s not to love at CBD National – B2B Marketplace❤️❤️❤️

With Kindness~ Sandy Diesel

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