Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD?

CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol (Can-a-bid-i-ol), a prominent naturally occurring class of molecules called cannabinoids found in the plant genus Cannabis Sativa L. CBD comprises up to 40% of the plant and is one of over 60 plus compounds found in cannabis. Of these compounds, CBD and THC are usually present in the highest concentrations, and are therefore the most recognized and studied. CBD is a non-psychoactive component of the plant that possesses a wide range of benefits and does not cause a euphoric high, unlike THC. Our bodies are made up of an endocannabinoid system and use cannabinoids to maintain equanimity.

Akin to dopamine and serotonin, endocannabinoids can operate like neurotransmitters — the chemical messengers that activate or switch off our nerves. That, in turn, sparks or dampens the electric pulses that create our thoughts, behaviors and movements Our nerves receive those chemical messages through neurotransmitter receptors — think of them like radio antennas. Cannabinoids have two known receptors called CB1 and CB2.

This is where the mental effects of THC and CBD differ. THC makes us high because it has a strong affinity for the CB1 receptor, but CBD is the opposite. CBD does not typically interact with the CB1 receptor…at least not directly. Research shows CBD can elevate the body’s self-made endocannabinoids, and scientists are also hunting for a “hidden” brain receptor for the cannabis extract.

Uses For CBD

Due to FDA guidelines, claims that CBD may be used to cure, treat, or aide in health conditions such as anxiety, inflammation, depression, PTSD, ADHD, cancer, or any other conditions are not allowed.

In other words, we can’t tell you what to use it for or why. But we can tell you how: Use it topically, eat it, drink it, soak in it, spray it, take it in the form of a capsule, pill, or drop. Take it however you want for whatever you think it might be good for. The bottom line is this – we encourage you to explore its use in a way that suits your personal needs and preferences.


How Much CBD Should I Take?

No matter what condition you’re trying to treat with CBD, giving yourself an adequate dosage is key — or it might not work for you.

It can be tough to figure out how much CBD you should take, as CBD isn’t currently regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and there are no official recommended dosages.

Figuring Out the Right Amount for You

The amount of CBD you should take depends on a range of factors, including:

  • your body weight
  • the condition you’re treating
  • your individual body chemistry
  • the concentration of CBD in each pill, capsule, drop, or gummy

Before trying CBD, be sure to talk to your Doctor and your Pharmacist about an appropriate dosage and any potential risks.

If your doctor doesn’t provide a recommendation, it’s best to start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase it. Start with a small dosage of CBD and increase slowly until you reach your desired effect. Your ideal dosage of CBD depends on a lot of factors, like your body weight, body chemistry, the condition you’re treating, and the concentration of CBD in the product you’re using.

But before you take any CBD, also consult with your Pharmacist to make sure there are no drug interactions with any prescriptions you are currently taking. 

Miscellaneous Questions

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Hemp-derived CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC are federally legal in the United States and are also legal in many states. CBD is a natural constituent of hemp plants, which have very low levels of THC. With only trace amounts of THC, these products are not considered illegal under federal law. However, regulations can vary significantly by state. Therefore, the most accurate point regarding state law is that legality depends on your specific location.

Internationally, CBD oil/hemp oil is legal in most countries, provided it contains low or, in some cases, untraceable concentrations of THC.

It is essential for individuals to check the laws of their state and any destination they plan to visit. Additionally, they should be aware that the FDA does not approve or regulate non-prescription CBD products.


Can I travel with CBD?

Before traveling with CBD, it is crucial to check the laws of your state and the regulations of any destination you plan to visit, including international locations.

CBD and hemp products are not illegal under federal law in the United States. However, state regulations can vary significantly, and some states have yet to establish clear guidelines. The most accurate point regarding state law is that it depends on your specific location.

Internationally, CBD oil and hemp oil are legal in most countries as long as they contain low or, in some cases, untraceable concentrations of THC. Always verify the laws for the region you are traveling to and through. Ensure you carry proof that your product is derived from hemp. This can be done by printing the Certificate of Analysis (COA) available on our website for the product you ordered or using a QR code found on the packaging.

Do I need a prescription to take CBD?

No prescription or medical card is required to purchase CBD products derived from hemp containing less than 0.3% THC.

However, before incorporating CBD into your routine, it’s advisable to consult both your doctor and pharmacist to determine an appropriate dosage and discuss any potential risks.

Will I Fail a Drug Test If I Take CBD Products?

All products sold on our site contain less than 0.3% THC. Although these products contain minuscule amounts (parts per billion) of THC, which may potentially show up in a drug screen, CBD National cannot guarantee your test results due to various factors. Given the varying sensitivity of drug screens, it’s advisable to avoid using any CBD or hemp products if you anticipate undergoing a drug test.

Will I get high or feel stoned?

No you will not get high or feel stoned from CBD. Our Hemp products are all made from industrial hemp, which only has trace amounts of THC. The feeling you may get we like to describe as equanimity.


What Is the most effective way to take CBD?

Taking CBD oil sublingually, which means placing it under your tongue, is often considered one of the best methods for consuming CBD. Here are the reasons why:

1. Quick Absorption: When CBD oil is placed under the tongue, it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the sublingual glands. This bypasses the digestive system and liver, where much of the CBD could be broken down and metabolized before it has a chance to enter the bloodstream.

2. Higher Bioavailability: Sublingual administration has a higher bioavailability compared to other methods like oral ingestion (capsules or edibles). Bioavailability refers to the proportion of CBD that actually enters your circulation and has an active effect. By avoiding the digestive system, a larger percentage of CBD reaches the bloodstream directly.

3. Faster Onset of Effects: Since the CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, the effects can be felt much faster, typically within 15 to 30 minutes. This is particularly beneficial for those seeking quick relief from symptoms such as pain, anxiety, or stress.

4. Ease of Dosing: Sublingual CBD oil often comes with a dropper, making it easy to measure and adjust the dosage according to your needs. This precision helps users find their optimal dose without the variability that can come with other methods of consumption.

5. Discreet and Convenient: Taking CBD sublingually is a simple, discreet, and convenient method that can be done almost anywhere without the need for additional equipment or preparation.

6. Longer Lasting Effects: While the effects of sublingual CBD may come on faster than oral ingestion, they also tend to last longer than inhalation methods (like vaping). This provides a balanced approach with a relatively quick onset and sustained relief.

By understanding these benefits, it becomes clear why sublingual administration is often recommended as an effective and efficient way to consume CBD oil.


Refund Policy

Due to health and security reasons, CBD National is not able to accept the return of any products. All sales are final with no refunds.

However, if your product was damaged during shipping, is defective, or you received the wrong item, please submit a request to the supplier from your dashboard by clicking on the return/replacement request button. All requests will be submitted to the supplier and approval of such request is at their discretion.

Requests must be completed within 30 days of purchase. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.

Once supplier has approved your request, you will receive an email with instruction to ship the item back to the supplier. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. Once supplier has received and inspected this item, it will be their discretion to approve a refund or replacement. You will receive an automated email with their decision.

If you are approved, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within 5-10 business days.

Late or Missing Refunds (if applicable)

If you haven’t received a refund yet, first check your bank account again. Then contact your credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted.

Next, contact your bank. There is often some processing time before a refund is posted. If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at

For further details on our refund policy please visit our Refund Policy page by clicking here:  REFUND POLICY



Shipping Info

You will normally receive your product within 5 to 7 working days. If you do not receive your order within this time frame, please log into your dashboard, click on your order, and send a message directly to the Seller. Otherwise, you will receive an email notification with the tracking info once your item has shipped.

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