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More Than Just a Marketplace!

This platform is a members-only B2B marketplace that provides buyers and suppliers online ordering and selling capabilities 24/7.

We offer more than just an online marketplace!
That’s why we’ve packed our membership with tons of features to help you increase your success! Here are some of the basic benefits our platform offers….

Access to Our Exclusive B2B Marketplace
We don’t buy from just anyone, and we don’t sell just anything. We carefully vet every member of our B2B Marketplace to ensure they are a legitimate business buying & selling compliant, high-quality products.

Fully Customizable Shop
Stand out! Grow your online presence with a shop YOU control! No more waiting for someone else to update prices or manage inventory – we give you the power!

B2C, B2B, B2D Made Simple!
Vendors simply set the price to CBD National. We sell your products to retail, wholesale, and co-distributor buyers through our platform, and when your products are sold, we pay you the price to CBD National plus shipping. Plus, we provide full customer support, eliminating the need for sellers to handle customer service or direct communication between buyers and sellers. At CBD National, we handle everything for you!

Safe, Secure Shopping Cart
Ensuring secure transactions from start to finish is paramount when conducting business online. We’ve simplified the process, guaranteeing end-to-end security. Buyers complete payments through our secure shopping cart, relieving you of payment processing fees and optimizing your overall profitability.

Seamless Payment Processing Automation
Our system offers automated payment processing without any additional fees. You have full control over how and when you receive payments, whether by paper check or direct ACH transfer.

Priority Support
Our AI chat support provides 24/7 assistance, and for more complex matters, our solution architect team is readily available. Count on us for the support you require, day or night!

Strategic Digital Marketing Optimization
Expanding brand exposure is vital for long-term growth. We collaborate with industry leaders like RangeMe, Square, and Zoho, offering our members added benefits at no extra cost. Our strategic partnerships provide comprehensive digital solutions, including research, planning, execution, and optimization. Our aggressive digital marketing strategies, including SEO, Paid Google Ads, and Social Media advertising, drive traffic effectively. Plus, our VIP Members are showcased at trade shows and in paid advertising, without incurring extra expenses. We negotiate deals and pass the benefits to our members, simplifying the process and allowing you to focus on what you love most! Our dedicated marketing team aims to:

– Expand Your Reach
– Reduce Your Costs
– Increase Your Profit Margins

Our marketing team supports our Members throughout, ensuring a marketable, profitable end product.

Subscription Management
Sign up for a Basic Membership for FREE. Upgrade or cancel your membership at any time right from your Dashboard! Click Here to learn more about our Sellers Membership Upgrades to unlock exclusive benefits! Click Here to learn more about our Buyers Membership Upgrades!

Wholesale Products


We have access to the nation’s best lab tested high potency hemp seed inventory. Whether you’re looking to produce fiber, grain, oil, or boutique hemp, we offer genetically stable, ready to plant cultivars. We can accommodate any size order or cultivation plan, including full season, autoflower, earlier finishers or seed starts. All products have been third-party tested to ensure the cannabinoid profiles are federally compliant and meet your specifications. All orders ship insured direct from Seed Breeder to Farms nationwide. Reach out to us today, and one of our experts will help you build a cultivation plan to meet your goals.

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Biomass & Flower

We work with an exclusive network of farms throughout the nation and are able to help you source the material you need in your general region. Whether you are looking for outdoor, indoor, light dep, or USDA Certified Organic, we offer premium high grade material to meet your specifications. All products have been third-party tested to ensure the cannabinoid profiles are federally compliant and meet your specifications.

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Bulk Extracts

We provide the highest quality extracts on the market. Whether you are looking for full spectrum distillate, isolate, crude, T-Free, or speciality blends, we have your concentrates covered. Not only do we supply concentrates with a high Cannabinoid profile, we specialize in custom compound homogenization. We provide documentation and third-party lab reports to ensure a compliant product that meets your specifications. Lean on our expertise to formulate a custom product for your business portfolio.

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Finished Hemp Products

Explore a diverse range of premium Finished Hemp Products on our B2B Marketplace. From soothing pet products to invigorating topicals, potent tinctures, and smokeable options, our platform offers a curated selection of high-quality hemp goods. Whether you’re a Seller or a discerning Buyer, including Co-Distributors, Physicians and Veterinary Offices, Fitness Centers, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Smoke Shops, our platform provides a seamless experience for wholesale procurement of top-tier hemp offerings. Join us today to connect with trusted suppliers and access a wide array of exceptional hemp-based solutions.

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Equipment & Supplies

CBD National is dedicated to sustainable earth-friendly farming practices to minimize our carbon footprint and make the world a better place. We offer equipment and supplies for your operation that are both earth-friendly and cost-effective. All products we offer have been through our very own test pilot program before putting out to the market. Whether you need infrastructure & design, greenhouses, nutrients, beneficial insects, or an alternative to plastic mulch, we are your one stop shop.

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Processing Services

Whether your goal is to secure premium active ingredients, process your own materials, or establish a reliable extraction partnership, we’ve got you covered. Our array of services includes Tool & Contract Processing, White Labeling, and Full-Service Private Label Development. Leverage our expertise to create custom products tailored to enrich your business portfolio. With a wealth of experience, we provide the solutions you need to excel in the hemp industry.

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Lab Testing Services

We believe healthy soil is the foundation for a superior end product! Our mission is to provide you with the essential insights you need to optimize your hemp cultivation. With a strong commitment to quality and accuracy, we offer a comprehensive range of testing services, including Water, Soil, and Plant Analysis. Whether you’re a hemp farmer, cultivator, or processor, our state-of-the-art laboratory is equipped to deliver reliable results that empower you to make informed decisions. Join countless hemp professionals who have elevated their cultivation practices with our Lab Service. Whether you’re just beginning your hemp journey or you’re a seasoned expert, our insights provide the guidance you need to achieve remarkable results.

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Consulting Services

Our team of dedicated experts collaborates closely with your business to enhance profitability while upholding the pinnacle of quality, sustainability, and best practices. Navigating compliance challenges, we elevate your success trajectory. Each of our consultants is deeply rooted in the industry, functioning as stakeholders. With specialization in diverse domains like production, operations, plant nutrition, genetics, product development, and distribution, our expertise covers every aspect. We’re not just consultants; we’re partners in your growth journey. Our passion lies in educating and empowering individuals about the intricate science of Hemp. Working hand in hand with our farmers, we ensure excellence at every stage – from seed to sale. Our commitment is unwavering, and our guidance transforms potential into a superior end product. Join us and experience how our consulting services drive Hemp forward, cultivating success from the ground up. From seed to sale, we are for the industry by the industry!

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USDA Certified Organic Herbs

Certified Organic Herbs Grown to Spec

  • Fresh and dried herb production
  • Certificate of Authenticity available
  • Quality and consistency you can count on


We are a growing network of the finest providers of high quality Hemp products available today and we want you to be a part of it! Over the years, we’ve cultivated strong relationships in the hemp industry with farmers, scientists, investors, manufacturers, and everyone in between. It is through those deep roots that we have developed this powerful online platform!

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