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Empowering the Hemp Industry: Unveiling CBD National’s Exclusive Members-Only E-commerce Platform 

Welcome to the forefront of innovation in the Hemp Industry – CBD National’s exclusive members-only e-commerce platform. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we introduce a space where possibilities flourish and partnerships thrive.

Our platform is a dedicated haven for the Hemp Industry, where our comprehensive range of products and services caters to both Retail and Wholesale members within our Online Marketplace.

In our Retail Marketplace, we’ve curated an oasis for retail consumers who seek nothing but the finest hemp products at accessible prices. Here, safety and confidentiality reign supreme. Each product showcased proudly bears the “Made in the U.S.A” label, and our vigilant customer care team is poised to address your queries. For an even more seamless experience, our innovative automated chatbot guides you through product recommendations, making your journey enjoyable and effortless.

On the wholesale front, our B2B platform is a catalyst for redefining how businesses transact in products and services. By orchestrating complete sales transactions within our secure online marketplace, we liberate you from the intricacies of online sales, allowing you to direct your energy toward your core pursuits. Our advanced automation seamlessly links members to the cream of the industry, positioning you at the forefront of the rapidly evolving digital market landscape.

The genesis of CBD National is deeply personal, rooted in profound experiences and fervent convictions. Our founder’s remarkable journey from a near-fatal accident leading to permanent disability and the pharmaceutical nightmare that followed, is the force that drives us. CBD emerged as a transformative savior, igniting an unyielding desire to assist others. This ardor propels us not only to construct an outstanding company and platform for our members but also to shape and pioneer an emerging industry, transcending generations. Our ultimate mission is to carve a path toward a better world.

Join us on this transformative expedition at CBD National, where innovation, ingenuity, empowerment, and well-being unite. Together, we script a narrative of advancement and positive transformation within the Hemp Industry.

Our Dream Team

Our executive team is deeply experienced in the regulated market and have systematically designed a network of industry experts that understand the many challenges businesses face in this industry. We each have successfully owned & operated multiple companies in and out of the Hemp Industry, which has built an even stronger network of professionals and resources than we could have ever imagined! Together, we have over 20 years of experience in Marketing, Consulting, Risk Management, Cultivation, Processing, Finance, as well as Activism in the Hemp & Cannabis Industry. Our integrity, compassion, experience, reputation, passion, and strong work ethic will make our mark and sets the bar high in this emerging industry!


Our B2B Marketplace

We’re more than just a marketplace, we’re an exclusive members only e-commerce platform that was built for the Hemp Industry.

Our platform is simple- customers pay us, we pay our suppliers, and all products are shipped directly from supplier to the customer.

Our platform is safe- B2B Members are vetted and verified in order to be approved to join our Marketplace.  This approval process was designed to protect our members from potential scams and to give members peace of mind that they’re working with legitimate businesses that are licensed & insured, have good references, are in good standing with their financial institution, and employ good business practices. We do good business, with good businesses!

Our products are compliant- All products and services offered in our marketplace are approved by our Quality Control Team. All hemp and hemp derived products have Certified 3rd Party Test Results, ingredient lists, and allergen lists. Our product approval process was designed to ensure only compliant, quality products are offered in our marketplace.

Members have 24/7 access to buy and sell their products or services in the Marketplace from brands they can trust.

Members have 24/7 first in class customer support, tech support, and are provided data analytics, sales reports, target marketing, and brand awareness tools to help our members grow!!

Members can join for free or upgrade their account at anytime to receive additional benefits and exclusive offers!

Meet Our Founder


Passion Ignited by Adversity

Sandy Diesel’s journey to becoming an influential figure in the hemp industry is nothing short of remarkable. With over 25 years as a celebrated business consultant and licensed commercial insurance agent, Sandy’s life took a dramatic turn following a near-fatal automobile accident that left her permanently disabled. This event not only altered her path but also ignited an unyielding passion that would transform her life and the lives of countless others.

From Pharmaceuticals to Holistic Healing

Sandy’s fervor stems from her personal experience of battling the pharmaceutical industry and the life-altering consequences it had on her well-being. At the zenith of her career, she faced the daunting challenge of navigating chronic conditions resulting from her accident and the arsenal of prescribed medications. With a life expectancy of just forty, Sandy and her husband Scotty ventured to the west coast in pursuit of alternative treatments, particularly medical marijuana.

Determined to regain control of her life, Sandy embarked on a transformative journey. Sandy and her husband Scotty started cultivating and breeding their own medicinal plants and, in due course, managed to liberate herself from pharmaceuticals. This newfound vitality and wellness rekindled her professional aspirations, enabling her to reclaim her career and rebuild her life. Cannabis and its many cannabinoids, including but not limited to CBD, resurrected Sandy, endowing her with not just life but a life well-lived. Today, she thrives on a holistic, pharmaceutical-free existence while managing chronic conditions solely through the use of plant medicine.

Championing Holistic Healing

Sandy’s mission crystallized: to extend her transformative experience to others. Armed with her personal triumph over adversity, she’s committed to educating as many people as possible about the potential of safe, effective, and natural healing methods, with plant medicine and clean eating as cornerstones.

A Respected Trailblazer and Advocate

Sandy’s credibility within the cannabis community is unequivocal. In 2015, she founded Oregon’s inaugural Cannabis insurance agency, 420 Insurance & Associates, which organically evolved into CBD National. A revered activist, she founded the non-profit cannabis trade association, Right To Grow USA, served as the Executive Director, actively engaging with legislation and local government to shape industry regulations.

Leading the Way Forward

Sandy’s strategic acumen has crystallized into a well-designed business plan, complemented by a cadre of qualified executives and production teams. In her role as CEO, Sandy orchestrates the company’s strategic vision, propelling sales, and fostering growth. Her journey from adversity to advocacy exemplifies a life dedicated to holistic healing and the betterment of individuals and communities alike.

In the world of business and beyond, Sandy Diesel stands as an embodiment of resilience, empowerment, and transformation.

What is CBD National?

What Is CBD National?
CBD National has been your trusted source for top quality Hemp products and professional business services since 2015! Our online marketplace was designed to help Consumers, Businesses and Distributors find what they need from brands they can trust! B2C + B2B + B2D = CBD

Every product we offer has been put through an extensive vetting process, has been approved by our Quality Control team, and has Certified 3rd Party Test Results along with a variety of accreditations and licensing. Most importantly, we only work with companies that share our values of clean, organic, sustainable, earth friendly practices.

We recently launched the first of its kind, fully automated E-commerce platform for the hemp industry. Our online marketplace caters to B2C, B2B, and B2D transactions, making CBD National the go-to place for hemp-related products and services. We offer a Free membership and members can upgrade to a paid Premium Membership or VIP Membership for exclusive benefits, services and support.

Our marketing team works closely with our B2B Premium & VIP Seller’s to help expand their reach and increase profitability through digital marketing, search engine optimization, paid ad’s, paid media, social media, social influencers, brand affiliates, tradeshows, and boots on the ground sales representatives. Plus, our VIP Seller’s get a FREE RangeMe Premium account and a dedicated Account Manager to set up your RangeMe account as a Verified Seller, and promote your products to hundreds of Retailers that ONLY purchase products via the RangeMe platform.

CBD NATIONAL is not just a company, it’s an extension of your marketing plan, it’s a sales team, it’s a strategy, it’s a digital marketing dream come true. And for those of us that work here, it’s our way of life.

 What is CBD National?

Our Mission Statement

CBD National is an exclusive network of professionals with expertise, passion and a long-term vision for making the world a better place. Our team is dedicated to providing products and services that benefit people, pets and planet from toxic chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and maintaining the integrity of the plant and the industry as a whole.


Our Values

CBD National’s high-end products, luxury brand, and focus on medicinal benefits and consumer education will continue to establish CBD National and our brands as the premiere craft Hemp companies in the nation. Additional key elements to our brand’s uniqueness and superiority include:

Earth-Friendly Brand

With a strong focus on an earth friendly business model, CBD National’s sustainable branding theme has been designed from inception to be scalable and duplicable across markets and states. From our Hemp business cards and packaging, to our biodynamic, organic, regenerative and NO PLASTIC farming practices, we pride ourselves on being a planet friendly brand.

High-End Lifestyle Brand

Much like the companies Whole Foods, REI or The Honest Company, CBD National and our brands are more than just another Hemp company, but a brand that promotes a healthy, natural, elevated lifestyle. We strive to empower, educate and provide superior products that use plant medicine to heal the mind-body-soul, as a way of life.

Commitment to Medicinal Development

The Founders of CBD National and our brand partners recognize the tremendous medicinal value that Hemp has shared with humanity for thousands of years. Our logo in itself symbolizes full-spectrum plant medicine. We are advocates for the healing powers of full-plant medicine and promote the use of Hemp as food, and food as medicine.

Commitment to Education

We are dedicated to sharing knowledge, providing resources and hosting workshops for the many benefits of Hemp, and by helping our clients use the most innovative and sustainable business practices, we’re able to emphasize on a quadruple bottom line: People-Pets-Planet-Profit.

Commitment to Sustainability

CBD National is committed to cultivating sustainably grown products and processes. The Company upholds their values through sustainable farming techniques, resulting in sun-harvested, all-natural, pesticide-free, PLASTIC-FREE, Hemp products. We work with local USDA Certified Organic small family farmers and Certified Biodynamic Vineyards to continuously employ sustainable, biodynamic and regenerative, PLASTIC free farming practices that are good for the earth and environment as a whole.

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