May 30, 2024

Unwavering Commitment: The Power of Perseverance & Overcoming Industry Challenges

In the bustling world of online commerce, a determined Boss Lady faced a daunting challenge: A message from the payment processor threatened to disrupt the business unless strict demands were met. Urgently, the Boss Lady rallied the team, imploring sellers to adhere to the processor’s requirements. However, despite efforts, some sellers chose to ignore the urgency, endangering the business’s core.

Undeterred by setbacks, the Boss Lady took it upon herself to rectify the situation, meticulously removing non-compliant products and flagging those responsible. But hurdles persisted. Over a dozen more requests and threats were made by the payment processor, each demanding a thorough site audit, and countless phone calls and emails. With resolve unshaken, she refused to let apathy jeopardize business operations.

As if challenges weren’t enough, a technical glitch in the processor’s system hindered efforts to upload crucial documents. Despite frustrations, the Boss Lady persisted, tirelessly engaging with the processor until a solution was reached.

Yet, just as the storm seemed to abate, false accusations surfaced. The payment processor then stated that the CBD STORE reported CBD National for making health claims, an accusation met with righteous indignation. Amidst hundreds of calls, emails, and support tickets, it was discovered that alleged claims were innocuous links on the Education & Research page. Despite the absence of claims, the demand to remove the entire page was enforced, prompting swift compliance. This included removing links to The European Journal of Pain, The National Institute of Health, The New England Journal of Medicine, The American Medical Association, The American Journal of Medicine, American Society For Surgery Of The Hand, The American Arthritis Foundation, The American Cancer Society, The National Cancer Institute, The Mayo Clinic, WebMD, Harvard Health, Cornell University, The World Health Organization, and even the FDA itself.

But fate had one final test. Despite assurances, the account was deactivated and due to the processors technical gitch, it could not be reactivated, plunging the Boss Lady into disbelief. Refusing defeat, she launched a relentless campaign, filing complaint after complaint until justice prevailed.

Today, as the account has been reactivated and restored, the journey stands as a testament to human resilience. Who is this tenacious Boss Lady? It’s CBD National’s driving force, a beacon of hope for those who refuse to surrender to adversity. It’s our very own Sandy Diesel. When we asked Sandy how she felt about winning this battle with having our account reactivated she said~

“It doesn’t feel like “winning” when our own Sellers choose to ignore our requests to comply. It doesn’t feel like “winning” when another company decided to try to eliminate the competition instead of collaborating. It doesn’t feel like winning when our payment processor puts us through 4 months of hell. Those that played a hand in this fiasco, not only hurt CBD National, but it had a negative impact on every seller on this site. It put all of us at risk of not being able to sell products nor pay our vendors or employees. That will never happen again! I learned alot of valuable lessons during the past few months, and changes will be made going forward. Compliance will be enforced, and decisions will be made that not everyone will like, and I’m ok with that. I didn’t like that for 118 days, instead of focusing on my job, I was forced to respond to dozens of requests which entailed hundreds of emails, phone calls, support tickets and endless hours on my part- all because Sellers refused to do their part and make sure their product listings were compliant, and because of false accusations that nearly got us shut down. More than that, it put the entire industry at risk. The compliance issues we faced during these past 118 days are an everyday occurrence in this industry, and when bad actors put companies like ours at risk, it’s a blow to the industry as a whole. I’ve since learned that our payment processor has shut down many companies just like ours, even some of our own Sellers, for this exact same reason, in this exact same manner. That doesn’t feel like “winning” to me. But I’ll tell you what does-  I will always step up and do what’s right, even when nobody is watching, or if nobody really cares. I care. I care about this company and the people that are part of it, and especially the people and pets that we help by being here. I will never quit fighting for this plant, or the people that need it, grow it and make it available to the world. Making hemp available to the people that need it most- THAT is winning”.

Sandy Diesel’s unwavering dedication and indomitable spirit have not only restored CBD National’s account but also reinforced the foundation of the company. Her journey through relentless challenges and unjust accusations is a powerful reminder of the resilience needed to navigate the volatile world of online commerce. Sandy’s story is not just about overcoming obstacles; it’s about standing up for what is right, advocating for an industry she passionately believes in, and ensuring that those who rely on hemp products continue to have access. Through her relentless efforts, Sandy Diesel exemplifies true leadership and commitment, proving that real victory lies in perseverance, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to one’s principles. Her triumph is a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of resilience in the face of adversity.

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