Organic Lavender CBD Honey

Elevate Your Honey Experience with Lavender CBD Honey

Introducing our enchanting **Organic Lavender CBD Honey** – a delightful blend where the sweetness of organic wildflower honey meets the therapeutic touch of Oregon-grown Hemp, this Lavender-infused CBD honey offers a harmonious fusion of nature’s finest.

Crafted with care, each jar is a result of small-batch dedication, lab-tested precision, and mindful intention. Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of Lavender CBD Honey, where relaxation and wellness seamlessly unite. Elevate your senses, one drizzle at a time.

  • Available in 2 oz jar or 4 oz Jar.
  • Approx. 25-30mg CBD per Tsp. Batches Vary.
  • Organic Wildflower Honey & Lavender
  • 100% US Hemp Derived CBD, Made in Small Batches


Discover Bliss with Organic Lavender CBD Honey

Elevate your senses and embrace tranquility with our exquisite Organic Lavender CBD Honey by The Brothers Apothecary. Immerse yourself in the delicate harmony of organic wildflower honey and the therapeutic essence of Oregon-grown Hemp CBD. Crafted with care, each jar embodies nature’s soothing embrace, packaged in a 100% biodegradable container, showcasing our commitment to the environment.

Experience the perfect fusion of nature’s gifts in every spoonful. Our Lavender CBD Honey is a labor of love, meticulously prepared in small batches and rigorously lab-tested to ensure the highest quality. Enrich your daily routine with the essence of relaxation and well-being. Elevate your senses with a touch of nature’s finest. Embrace the calm, one spoonful at a time.

What are the benefits of Lavender CBD Honey?

Organic wildflower honey meets Oregon-grown Hemp CBD in an easy to love, 100% biodegradable package. Meet our Lavender CBD Honey.

Every batch starts with our classic Wildflower Honey blending with sweet, subtle organic lavender. Lavender has been used for inspiring a calm, relaxed state of mind for thousands of years. Sourced from the finest organic lavender, each pouch is rich in flavor, with complex, delightful notes of maple and delicate flower blossom from the Willamette Valley wildflowers alongside floral, never overpowering lavender.

Lavender is a flowering plant from the mint family, and its sweet floral fragrance and beauty has made it famous for multiple uses. It’s most commonly used in aromatherapy but it is also edible and can be used in teas, honey and so much for. The flavor delivers a sweet and elegant flavor to whatever it is added too.

What is wildflower honey?

Wildflower Honey is a polyfloral honey, which means the nectar is taken from multiple sources and species of flowers and blossoms.  The main difference between clover honey (regular honey) and wildflower honey comes down to the taste and the processing method. Clover Honey has a much more mild taste and flavor. It is also the most common honey in the united states. It is also often much lighter in color.

Wildflower honey often has light floral undertones. It will also have a flavor that reflects the specific part of the world and time of year. This means that wildflower honey tastes different regionally!

Current Source: Organic Tropical Honey

When should I use Lavender CBD Honey?

Use to sweeten any beverage, eat as a yummy honey treat. This honey is lavender flavored so it will add a different flavor to whichever beverage you choose.


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Ingredient List

Organic Lavender CBD Honey – Harmonious Ingredients for Wellness

Crafted to perfection, our Organic Lavender CBD Honey combines nature’s finest elements in a tantalizing blend that invigorates your senses and nurtures your well-being.

Wildflower Honey: Derived from a diverse array of blossoms, wildflower honey exudes a delightful sweetness with a delicate maple flavor. This high-nutrition nectar has a history steeped in traditions and boasts an extensive range of nutrients for your body.

Full Spectrum Extract: Sourced from industrial hemp flowers with minimal THC (< 0.3%), our full spectrum CBD extract retains the plant’s complete cannabinoid profile, allowing you to experience the entourage effect. This infusion method ensures high potency and comprehensive wellness benefits.

Lavender Flower Oil: Steam distilled from lavender blossoms, the Lavender Essential Oil in our blend offers a sweet, floral, and herbaceous aroma. Lavender has been treasured for its calming properties, soothing both mind and body, promoting relaxation.

MCT Oil: Medium-Chain Triglycerides, extracted from coconut oil, provide a light and slightly sweet flavor to our Lavender CBD Honey. MCT oil is renowned for its easy absorption, making it an ideal carrier for CBD, ensuring swift delivery of its wellness benefits.

Full-Spectrum Distillate: Derived from organically cultivated Oregon-grown hemp, our full-spectrum distillate captures the hemp plant’s rich natural compounds, offering a deep golden hue. Rigorously tested for purity and quality, it’s the essence of our commitment to excellence.

Experience the fusion of these exquisite ingredients in our Organic Lavender CBD Honey, designed to enrich your well-being with every delectable drop.


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