Golden Milk CBD Turmeric Latte

Experience the rich and enticing allure of The Brothers Golden Milk | CBD Turmeric Latte. A harmonious blend of organic coconut, sustainable coconut sugar, invigorating turmeric, spicy ginger, freshly ground vanilla beans, and an exquisite array of savory spices creates a sensory journey that’s both spicy and sweet. This CBD-infused masterpiece pays homage to the ancient tradition of Golden Milk, a cherished beverage hailing from India.

  • 3, 9 and 20 serving containers available
  • Approx. 60mg CBD Per Serving
  • Vegan
  • Does not contain caffeine.
  • Gluten Free


Indulge in the alluring warmth of our exquisite creation, Golden Milk | CBD Turmeric Latte by The Brothers Apothecary. A symphony of flavors awaits as you savor the perfect balance of spiciness and sweetness in every sip. Crafted with the utmost care, this luxurious blend combines organic coconut, sustainable coconut sugar, vibrant turmeric, invigorating ginger, freshly ground vanilla beans, and an exquisite medley of savory and illuminating spices.

Golden Milk, also known as Turmeric Milk, has its origins rooted in the rich traditions of India. At the heart of this magnificent elixir lies the golden treasure of turmeric root. Within this radiant root dwells Curcumin, an exceptional bioactive compound that has captivated generations. Revered for centuries in Ayurvedic practices, turmeric boasts an abundance of antioxidants that contribute to a robust immune system and overall well-being.

You might be familiar with ginger, the cousin of turmeric, found in kitchens and health stores alike. Just like ginger, turmeric grows with its distinct rhizomes – branching, tube-like roots that nestle beneath the earth’s surface, holding the essence of its potency.

To enhance the potent benefits of turmeric, our CBD-infused Golden Milk harmoniously melds the richness of ginger root powder, the purity of Himalayan pink salt, and the subtle intensity of black pepper. Black Pepper plays a pivotal role by introducing piperine, a compound that amplifies the absorption of curcumin in the body. This synergistic dance ensures that curcumin’s marvels are fully unlocked, offering you a holistic experience that resonates throughout your entire being.

Experience the captivating allure of Golden Milk, a timeless tradition elevated by nature’s finest ingredients and the infusion of CBD. Crafted to inspire and nourish, every sip invites you to embrace wellness and relish in the artistry of flavor.

What does Golden Milk taste like?

The Brothers Golden Milk is smooth and delicious, with a warm and comforting flavor. Many of the spices you will recognize from similar flavored beverages, such as spiced Chai. Similarly, Golden Milk has a spicy, somewhat sweet flavor, but it is noticeably fuller and more rounded, due to the addition of organic coconut powder and organic coconut sugar.

Note: We highly suggest brewing with a milk alternative, like hemp or oat milk (any milk will do, including animal or grass fed milks). For a lighter preparation, you can prepare with water, though we suggest including some milk or milk alternative if possible.

Tasting Notes: Ginger spice, bold turmeric, autumnal spices, smooth coconut

What are the benefits of Golden Milk?

Golden Milk, also known as Turmeric Milk, is a beverage with origins in India.

The key ingredient in Golden Milk is turmeric root. Turmeric contains the chemical known as Curcumin, an incredible bioactive compound. It has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, mostly due to its high antioxidant profile and to support a healthy immune system. You may also recognize the cousin of turmeric at your local grocery or health food store, ginger. Like ginger, turmeric root is known for its branching tube like roots, known as rhiszomes, that lay just below the surface of the soil.

To complement turmeric’s nutritional profile, this CBD-infused Golden Milk also combines a handful of other nutrient dense foods, including ginger root powder, Himalayan pink salt, and black pepper. Black Pepper contains another chemical, known as piperine. Piperine has shown to enhance curcumin’s absorption of the body, which means more of the compound is accessible to your body’s full chemical system.

People have enjoy edGolden Milk around the world, largely due to the collective health consensus regarding the benefits of turmeric. Consumed for thousands of years, Golden Milk’s most simple recipe has more often been the simply combination of turmeric, milk and occasionally honey. Part of the unique history of this beverage is that many different regions of the world have developed different recipes.

In that same tradition, we’ve revisited Golden Milk and made something unique to The Brothers. Our Golden Milk is an easy-to-mix blend of organic coconut milk powder, low-glycemic coconut sugar, fresh organic turmeric, ginger, vibrant Vanilla beans, and an array of savory & illuminating spices. We’ve also added an effective serving of CBD, sourced from US-grown hemp and tested for purity by licensed third-party laboratories.

When should I drink CBD Golden Milk?

Golden Milk does not contain caffeine, so you can enjoy it at any time of day. It also does not induce drowsiness or grogginess, so it be be incorporated into morning routines.

  • 3, 9 and 20 serving containers available, with approximately 60mg CBD per serving.
  • Does not contain caffeine.
  • Vegan & Gluten Free

How do you make CBD Golden Milk?

  1. Warm 8-10 ounces milk alternative (oat or hemp suggested) over stove. Almond, soy, cashew, or other dairies work equally well. Wait for slight simmer, not a boil.
  2. Pour milk into mug, and scoop about 1 tbsp or 8 grams (a healthy spoonful). Stir well until mix is fully incorporated.
  3. For improved bioavailability of CBD, add ~1 tsp coconut oil or butter. Add additional mix as desired (taste or CBD amount!).

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Ingredient List

Indulge in the exquisite blend of The Brothers Golden Milk | CBD Turmeric Latte, carefully crafted with a symphony of nourishing ingredients:

  • Powdered Coconut Milk:Freshly pressed coconut milk supports cannabinoid bioavailability while offering a rich source of iron, fiber, magnesium, and antioxidants like selenium.
  • Turmeric Root:Revered for millennia in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, this “energetically hot” herb is a cultural treasure integrated into herbalism and culinary practices worldwide.
  • Cardamom:Intense and slightly fruity, cardamom boasts a blend of piney and sweet notes. This spice offers not only a unique flavor but also a range of potential health benefits.
  • Black Pepper: With its sharp and poignant profile, black pepper’s secret lies in its high piperine content, an alkaloid responsible for its punch. This spice contributes a hint of woodsy, piney, and hot flavors.
  • Ginger Root Powder: Tangy, fiery, and pungent, dried and powdered ginger root brings a delicious spice to the blend. Beyond its flavor, ginger supports healthy digestion, making it a prized addition.
  • Vanilla Bean: A member of the orchid family, the universally adored vanilla delivers a recognizable and comforting flavor. Its versatility makes it a cherished ingredient in various culinary creations.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt: Beyond its visually stunning pink hue, this salt boasts up to 2% trace minerals, including potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Its light umami flavor enhances the overall taste experience.
  • Acacia Fiber: Sourced from small organic farms, this water-soluble dietary fiber derived from the acacia tree adds a beneficial touch to the latte’s nutritional profile.
  • CBD Isolate:Pure, isolated CBD sourced from certified US-grown industrial hemp takes this latte to the next level, offering potential wellness benefits while adhering to high standards of purity and potency.

Experience the tantalizing blend of flavors and potential benefits with each sip of The Brothers Golden Milk | CBD Turmeric Latte.


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