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Experience ultimate relaxation with AdaptogenRx MegaChill CBD Lozenges. Our expertly crafted lozenges feature a trifecta of soothing cannabinoids – 0.25mg CBD, 0.25mg CBG, and 25mg CBN per serving – carefully balanced to promote a tranquil and centered state. Enriched with a blend of ashwagandha and L-tyrosine, renowned adaptogens, these lozenges empower your body’s natural ability to adapt to stress, fostering a sense of calmness and well-being. Embrace a serene and rejuvenating experience with each lozenge and discover the transformative power of natural balance. Unwind and revitalize with AdaptogenRx MegaChill CBD Lozenges – your pathway to blissful relaxation.


Introducing AdaptogenRx Megachill Lozenges: Your Pathway to Relaxed Balance

Experience a whole new level of relaxation and harmony with AdaptogenRx Megachill. Crafted to facilitate a calm and chill mindset, our advanced formula is designed to promote balance and homeostasis, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and at ease. Harnessing the power of three potent cannabinoids – CBD, CBN, and CBG – our trifecta blend works synergistically to create a 1:1:1 ratio that’s perfectly balanced for your well-being.

Precise Dosage for Maximum Effect:

Each tablet packs a trifecta of cannabinoids in precise doses of 25mg CBD, 25mg CBN, and 25mg CBG. This expertly calibrated combination ensures that you receive the ideal balance of these natural compounds, enhancing their potential benefits to the fullest.

Proprietary Water-Soluble Extract:

Our secret to superior absorption lies in our proprietary water-soluble extract. By carefully crafting our formula, we have created a powerful blend that your body can absorb and utilize more efficiently, allowing for quicker and longer-lasting results.

The Power of Adaptogens:

Megachill + Tab doesn’t stop at cannabinoids alone. We’ve enriched our formula with a potent blend of ashwagandha and L-tyrosine – two exceptional adaptogens known for their stress-reducing properties. This fusion supports your body’s ability to adapt to daily challenges, fostering a calm and centered mindset.

Premium Quality, Premium Taste:

At AdaptogenRx, we prioritize both quality and taste. Our tablets are expertly crafted using microcrystalline cellulose and Vivasol to ensure optimal delivery of our unique blend. The peach flavoring adds a delightful touch, making each tablet a pleasure to take.

60 Tablets per Bottle:

With 60 tablets per bottle, you can enjoy a month’s supply of relaxation and well-being. Convenient and easy to incorporate into your daily routine, Megachill + Tab empowers you to reclaim your sense of balance effortlessly.

Unlock the Power of Balance:

Discover the transformative benefits of AdaptogenRx Megachill and embrace a relaxed and chill mindset like never before. Take the next step on your journey to well-being – order now and experience the harmony of balanced living.

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Ingredient List

Ingredient Description:

  1. CBD (Cannabidiol) – 0.25mg: CBD is a renowned cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant, known for its potential to promote relaxation and overall well-being. With a precise dosage of 0.25mg per serving, our MegaChill lozenges offer a gentle and soothing experience, perfect for achieving a calm and balanced mindset.
  2. CBG (Cannabigerol) – 0.25mg: CBG is another valuable cannabinoid found in hemp. Just like CBD, it complements the overall benefits of our lozenges. With 0.25mg of CBG in each serving, you can embrace the entourage effect of these two cannabinoids, enhancing their combined therapeutic potential.
  3. CBN (Cannabinol) – 25mg: CBN is a prominent cannabinoid known for its calming properties and potential to support restful sleep. With 25mg of CBN in each serving, our MegaChill CBD Lozenges provide an extra layer of relaxation, perfect for achieving a tranquil and rejuvenating state.
  4. Ashwagandha & L-Tyrosine Blend: Our MegaChill lozenges go beyond cannabinoids alone. We’ve thoughtfully included a blend of ashwagandha and L-tyrosine, two powerful adaptogens known for their stress-relieving properties. This harmonious combination supports your body’s ability to cope with daily challenges, fostering a tranquil and focused state of mind.

Other Ingredients:

  • Microcrystalline cellulose: This serves as a binding agent, helping to create the lozenges’ solid form and ensuring consistent dosage in each serving.
  • Vivasol: Our proprietary water-soluble extract, enhancing the bioavailability and absorption of the active ingredients for optimized effectiveness.
  • Peach flavoring: To enhance your experience, we’ve added a delightful peach flavor, making each lozenge a pleasant treat for your senses.
  • Silica dioxide: An anti-caking agent used to prevent the ingredients from clumping and ensuring the lozenges remain fresh and easy to consume.

At AdaptogenRx, we prioritize quality, potency, and taste. Our MegaChill CBD Lozenges are expertly crafted with premium ingredients, including precise dosages of CBD and CBG, an adaptogenic blend of ashwagandha and L-tyrosine, and carefully chosen other ingredients. Embrace relaxation and well-being with our MegaChill CBD Lozenges and experience the transformative power of natural balance. Take the next step towards a calm and centered mindset – order now and unlock the potential of harmonious living.



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