January 16, 2024

Flash Chilling with CBD National Hemp Tea

Flash Chilling is an excellent method when you’re in a hurry, plus it’s a refreshing treat during Dry January!!

So, how does it work?

The basic idea behind flash chilling is to brew a strong tea concentrate with hot water and then pour it over ice. Some of the ice will melt, diluting the concentrate into a flavorful iced tea, while the rapid exposure to ice lowers the temperature, resulting in a perfectly chilled beverage.

To master the flash chill, anticipate the dilution of your tea. Use less water and more leaves, finding the delicate balance to achieve the right taste.

Here’s an example for a 12oz iced tea using CBD National Hemp Tea (adjust ratios as needed):

Step One – Measure Out 6g CBD National Hemp Loose Leaf Tea + Heat 6oz Water

Before infusion, ensure you’ll be pouring the tea over ice in a heat-resistant glass. Use a fair cup or server for infusion, allowing easy pouring.

For CBD National Hemp Tea, start heating your water, considering the specific temperature for brewing. Oolongs, black teas, and pu’erhs are usually brewed just off boiling temperature (205°F or 95°C). Green teas and white teas may require a slightly higher temperature than usual.

Step Two – Set Your Timer and Infuse

Set your timer for approximately 2.5 minutes, ensuring the concentrate is strong enough for dilution. Add sweeteners during this time, allowing them to dissolve evenly.

Step Three – Fill Your 12oz Mug (or Glass) with Ice Cubes

While waiting, fill your 12oz mug or glass ¾ full of ice cubes. If you plan to add milk, cream, or lemon juice, do so at this step, using no more than 1–2 oz due to ice melt.

Step Four – Pour Your CBD National Hemp Tea Over the Ice Cubes

As soon as the concentrate is ready, pour it over the ice cubes in a quick, controlled manner. Stir gently to ensure even distribution.

Enjoy your refreshing cup of CBD National Hemp Tea!

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